The Architectural Control Committee's (ACC) goal is to maintain and preserve the look and feel of the LCPOA subdivision by balancing and blending any new structure with the surrounding enironment on each property.

  • Reach out to neighbors before beginning the process to share your vision and address any possible concerns.  If there is an issue that cannot be resolved, contact the ACC.
  • Contact ACC to arrange a site visit: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Contact Page)
  • City of Troy requires that the homeowners apply for and receive all appropriate permits.
  • The ACC looks for matching architecture.
  • LCPOA requests that the exteriors of additions match brick or siding to existing home.
  • Allow appropriate time for this approval process.  The ACC will follow up to confirm completion of project as agreed.
  • Additions require advance notification to the LCPOA/ACC of construction plans, followed by providing LCPOA/ACC with a detailed overview of the additon plans.