The Architectural Control Committee's (ACC) goal is to maintain and preserve the look and feel of the LCPOA subdivision by balancing and blending any new structure with the surrounding environment on each property.

  • Reach out to neighbors before beginning the process to share your vision and address any possible concerns.  If there is an issue that cannot be resolved, contact the ACC.
  • Contact ACC to arrange a site visit (Contact Page)
  • We require that the homeowner receive a permit from the City of Troy before any shed is built.  LCPOA restricts sheds beyond what the City permits.  Sheds must be 6' off all property lines. (City of Troy ordinance)
  • Sheds can be no larger than 10' x 10' and no taller than 10'.
  • Sheds should be an earth-tone color or match the house.
  • Shrubs are needed on the perimeter of shed(s).
  • Allow 2 weeks for the review and approval process.  The ACC will follow up to confirm completion of project as agreed.